The unthinkable has happened – and suddenly fear and powerlessness are trying to dominate us.

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This is the Corona Effect.

The battle takes place in our minds. We cannot change the course of the crisis, but we can change the way we think about it. The purpose of this book is to fight back – by answering questions like:

  • What is still in my control in times of crisis?
  • How do I find clarity for myself, even if the future is unclear?
  • How can I deal with the fear of risk?

A Practical Guide For You

– now available as PDF workbook –


that lurk inside your mind


Principles of Action

to change your mindset and overcome crisis


Self Assessments

to reset your perspective



to put this all into practice in your everyday life


We can’t control the situation. But we CAN control our mindset and our reaction to a crisis.

Some Words from Author Michael Gobran

Achieving goals and attaining success has always been important to me, but I have been particularly impacted by crises. Navigating a crisis has taught me that the key for success always lies within our thinking. This is especially true when dealing with challenges and difficulties. The battle between powerlessness and hope, and between fear and confidence, is taking place right in our minds.

That is why “MINDSET” has become my life’s theme and motto. How do we establish a way of thinking that is helpful and not obstructive? How can we really make the best out of a every situation, identify opportunities for growth, and emerge from our challenges more empowered, more confident and more successful?

This book was written in early 2020 amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We can use this global crisis as an opportunity to tackle our own challenges and crises. “The Corona Effect” will provide you with inspiration, strategies and motivational support. Let this book be your practical guide in the current crisis, but also in other challenging situations you may find yourself in. However, this book’s supportive effect depends on your willingness to self-reflect and to rethink your thinking. It is my hope that this book will assist you in this respect.

Michael Gobran

We are challenged to rethink our thinking to combat the crisis effectively in our mind.

Available soon!